The Angel Street Assassination by Aaron S Gallagher

Bennett and DeMarko are at it again!  If you are not a fan of Aaron Gallagher it is only because you have not read one of his books.  Aside from the Jack Reacher and Harry Bosch series, this series is the best!  This is the 5th in the series and the grittiest by far.  

The Private Investigative team has been hired to find the killer of a mob boss before the police do.  For this duo that probably will not be an issue, but they both know that if they find the killer, their client will take the law into their own hands and if they don’t their lives will be worth little.  As always Gallagher does a magnificent job of creating a tangled web of friends, enemies, life or death, secrets, and intrigue.  Fast-paced with characters you will love and respect, you will not be able to put the book down!  

Thank goodness Gallagher has plans to continue to write!

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