Murder, She Goat by Lucy Jackson

Fancy Bohannon has just left a bad relationship to head home to Texas to help out with a cousin’s wedding.  As a notable chef having her cater the affair will be a big plus for the Bride and Groom.  Fancy is in a state of flux, not knowing where she will end up but pleased to be staying with her beloved Aunt on her goat farm.  Hopefully working on the wedding meal will take her mind off her troubles.  

When the groom’s brother is killed at the wedding and the local Sheriff thinks the groom is guilty, Fancy is asked by her Aunt to step into the investigation to help her new son-in-law stay out of jail.  Although Fancy has never done anything like this, she certainly is willing to help her Aunt in any way.     

This is definitely a cozy whodunit!  With interesting characters (Texas-size), murder in the family, lots of money involved, a few tree-climbing goats, an oil pipeline wrench, and the heat of Texas, Lucy Jackson has written a very fun read!  Can Fancy solve the crime and save her cousin’s new marriage? 

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