Pivot: Book one of the Jack Harper Trilogy by L. C. Barlow

Psychological horror at its best!  I think that my skin is still crawling even after a shower.  Nothing scares me more than egomaniacal narcissistic cult leaders that manipulate children, except maybe the other adults that help out.  Barlow has written an absolutely horrifying novel about Jack Harper who was raised from the age of 7 by the head of a cult for the purpose of killing people.  Her training was intense, her expertise with weapons is amazing.  She kills whomever Cryus Harper tells her to kill.  Jack is not the only one chosen for a special assignment and raised accordingly.  

I do not want to spoil any of the story so I am not going to do any more summary but I will tell you that Barlow has a unique way of developing the characters that encourage the reader to be at once fascinated and disgusted at the same time.  The twists and turns are edgy, keeping the reader spellbound and anxious with every turn of a page.  In the end, you actually want more because you know that Jack’s story is never going to be simple or have a happy ending.

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