Ghastly and Good by Debby Caruso

This is a darling story about a group of friends that decide to help out a charity organization on Halloween to provide the perfect Halloween for disadvantaged children.  Rhonda, her husband James, and her best friend Dez are all over-the-top fun characters that when together, provide a whimsy joy of life.  Rhonda has memories of perfect Halloweens from her childhood, from decorations, costumes, trick or treating, and even the apple cider donuts her Mom gave her before bed.  What a great childhood!  Rhonda dreams that every child experiences the joy of Halloween.  

I do not quote from a book often but I offer this one up as a way of conveying the meaning of this book.  “The essence of giving; and it occurs to me as I see each face light up that I think that’s what we lose as we age.  We lose the opportunity to have someone give us something just because.”

This is a delightfully fun book for the holiday season that will warm your heart and make you laugh out loud!

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