Secrets Can Kill: A Tracey Marks Mystery by Ellen Shapiro

Tracey Marks, Private Investigator, is back and this time the case involves murder!  Shapiro serves up a lightweight murder mystery with enough tension to keep us nervous about how the case will end but not going past the edge of no return for a cozy.  She has developed her characters into 3-dimensional people a reader wants to get closer to and read more about.  Tracey is like a modern-day Jessica Fletcher, a strong, independent, woman who forms relationships with everyone she meets from the doorman to the cashier at the coffee shop.  

When a potential client does not show up for her appointment, Tracey gets concerned which, due to all the reasons she became an investigator, leads her to start investigating what happened.  Discovering that the potential client has been killed simply drives Tracey’s unrelenting commitment to determine just what took place.  

This is a terrific read for any mystery lover.  A perfect read for a rainy day or weekend break! 

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