Next Door by Blake Pierce

This is a book about two sisters.  One has been labeled good all her life and one has been labeled bad.  The sisters lost their mother when they were 10 and their father was found guilty of her murder and sent to prison.  Naturally, it was difficult for both girls and even though they went to live with a loving grandmother and had plenty of therapy, they both have some remaining issues.  Chloe is training to be an FBI agent.  Danielle is a bartender.  Chloe is engaged to be married and thinks this is a good time to become close to her sister again after some years of being separated as adults.  Chloe has moved back to their childhood neighborhood where 17 years has not been long enough to wipe out the memory of the murder.  With both sisters haunted by those events, the reader knows that their story will be twisted.

Pierce has written a novel that keeps the reader on their toes as to who is the real bad sister and who is the good sister.  He writes in such a way that the reader goes back and forth trying to figure out who has the most issues and has thus become evil.  All the while the reader is rooting for each of the sisters as they deal with the fallout of their past and the door to their future.  This is a well-written story of whodunit and the spiral of evil that can come out of one bad deed. 

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