Skyview: Lord of the Wills by M. Sheehan

This is a fascinating story that blends history with a fictional platform for telling it.  The story begins with eight families that are on a mission to discover their history and find the millions and millions of hidden money that belongs to them.  As the 21st heir to the fortune, William Ward begins his journey, the families have attempted to recover the money several times. A representative from each family is chosen and the group of 8 along with William’s Uncle come together to travel through history, finding the clues that lead to the money.  

Their task is made easier with the Skyview Jet that has been specially designed for this job.  The Jet is equipped with a 3D digital hologram program that allows them to see history as it happened when hovering above the geographical spot.  

In addition, there are of course the others that want to prevent the group from finding the money.  This is a perfect demonstration of how the rich and powerful control history.  Sheehan has done a remarkable job of researching the history and writes with vivid imagery, making each historical event come alive.  This would be a great book for a history lesson involving the 700 years the story covers.  The reader also sees the connections between events and the acts that set off various incidents in history.  Sheehan has written a great piece of historical fiction for the fan of modern technology!

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