A Tempestuous Affair by Harriet Benett

Jessie Smith is such a workaholic that she has ignored all aspects of her life but work.  Thank goodness her best friend works for the same publishing house or she would not even have a friend.   The good part of her being overfocused on her career is that her boss decides to give Jessie a career chance of a lifetime.  She is to help a very famous, just out of rehab actor write his memoirs.  The task includes making sure that it is written in a timely fashion and written well enough to be a best-seller.  In order to do this Jessie needs to pack her bags and move to the actor’s villa in the French Alps for a few months.  Jessie has been so involved with her job she has no idea who this celebrity guy is, so there is no giggling, tongue-tied reaction.  What will Jessie do?  

Bennett has written a mind boggling situation for a strong, brave, and courageous female protagonist.  This is a very modern tale of what it is like for a career woman to make not only a success of herself in business but to learn to balance the job with relationships, both friends and lovers.  The choices Jessie has to make are never easy and choosing to be professional at all times is a struggle.  Jessie does discover that everyone has issues and hiding from them or burying yourself in work leads to a very dull, unhealthy, and unhappy life.  Bennett writes with compassion for her characters and pushes them to grow personally, demonstrating that fame and money do not fix everything and allowing yourself to be vulnerable can lead to great relationships.  This is not just another girl gets boy romance story!

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