Candy Coated Murder: A Pumpkin Hollow Mystery by Kathleen Suzette

This is a great cozy mystery for the month of October!  The Town of Pumpkin Hollow is ideal for Halloween festivities what with all the stores’ names being delightfully named, like Sweet Goblin Bakery or Little Coffee Shop of Horrors.  The characters are all quirky with their own individual issues making them not only realistic but just like someone you know.   The main character is Mia who just moved back to her parents home having earned a few Master’s degrees.  Mia, not knowing what to do for a career, arrives home with a chip on her shoulder concerning her many academic accomplishments and no actual job.   The deputy Sheriff, Ethan, who has grown up a great deal in the years Mia has been gone to be a handsome, caring man.  Hazel Martin is the perfect antagonist, finding something wrong with everyone and everything in the town.  It is not a wonder that the entire town except two are thrilled when Hazel is found dead. It really does appear that she doesn’t have even one redeeming value.  

Suzette has written a perfect Halloween mystery that provides you with just enough clues to keep you guessing who the killer is and still be a perfectly cozy Halloween read.  If you are not in the Halloween Spirit, pick this up for a quick escape and return to the jocularity of the holiday!

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