Murder on Halloween by Steve Demaree

If you like Escape Rooms as a form of evening or Saturday afternoon entertainment, you will love this book!  It’s Halloween night and the two retired detectives get a call from the Police Chief that he just received a text that a murder had been committed and was tracking where the phone used was located.  The Detectives need to get moving and find out if this was real or not.  

Since the town is small the homicide detectives were granted their requests to retire with the agreement that if a homicide occurred they would be back on duty until it was solved until new detectives could be hired.  Cy and his sidekick partner Lou are on the case, but not until they get the proper snacks required for a long investigative process.  Loaded with junk food, the two senior single men follow the GPS instructions out into the middle of nowhere to find a very large house that has been turned into an escape house rather than just a room.  They have to travel through the maze as well as figure out how to get out of each room all the way through the house to first see if there is a dead body.  This involves a great deal of detective work as well as some sophomoric humorous situations.  

The old geezers are great fun.  Between the two of them, there is a lot of sarcasm and sharp wit.   They are obviously good friends and over the years have developed a solid working relationship.  The book is fascinating in terms of following the clues and it definitely feels like the reader is part of the maze and clue finding tasks.  The book, although part of a series, is a great stand-alone murder mystery with a lot of tongue-in-cheek laughter.  Perfect for a cozy Halloween read as it is not gory or graphic!

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