The Girl In The Storm: A Season of Angels By Christopher Stanfield

There are people who encounter single experiences that forever change their lives, Genevieve is definitely one of those people.  Genevieve is a typical high school teenager with two parents, friends, good grades, and a solid foundation.  Unfortunately, she is caught up in the middle of a school shooting that finds her unexpectedly face-to-face with the shooter in a conversation that leads him to stop shooting and put the gun down.  Saying that the experience changes her or has an effect on her would be stating the obvious but the real issue is where did she get the courage and skills to talk the shooter down?  Genevieve soon discovers that she has been protected by angels in a world where demons roam the earth. 

This is Stanfield’s first novel and I certainly hope it is the introduction to a series.  I found myself reminiscing about the very fun and creative way he uses his knowledge of theology and am reminded of the theologically challenging TV series Lucifer and Supernatural as I read this tale of angels and demons (something I believe is a big compliment).  The book is well written and very intriguing as it begins with a mix of scenes that are not in a time sequence but pull the reader into it without even knowing they have been placed in the middle of the story longing to find out where Genevieve is going.  This is definitely a great beginning for both a story and an author!

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