Portrait of a Dead Guy: A Cherry Tucker Mystery by Larissa Reinhart

Before you go any further you need to know that this is one wacky funny read!  Reinhart has outdone herself in developing a small town full of quirky people, tragic events, and murder.  The characters are all a hoot; from the Sheriff who has no issue arresting his niece who he knows is not a criminal but wants to protect her, to the slimy car salesman, the crying stepmother of a dead stepson that she wants to immortalize in art, the birth mother that goes so far as to set up a con at the funeral of her only son, all the way to Cherry, a professionally trained artist.  Halo, the small town, has the gossip, the teenagers that get into trouble because they are bored and a very rich Russian holding high-stakes poker games in his basement.  

When a son of one of the most prominent families in town is found dead Cherry can not help but get involved.  In Cherry, Reinhart has created a fascinating spunky, talented, bejeweled, pint-sized stubborn woman. You will not forget Cherry anytime soon!  Cherry would have made it as a pioneer woman or the first woman President.  She is one tough, brave, and determined lady.

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