The Mission: A Bulwark Anthology by C.C. Bolick

I don’t normally read much about paranormal activities.  It is just not something I lean toward so I was surprised that when I finished The Mission I wanted to read more, in particular about Amber Dallas.  Amber Dallas is the main character of the book.  She has been training to become an Agent after having been a very successful Air Force Pilot.  Amber is brave, courageous, smart, and independent; maybe a little too independent.  At the beginning of the book, she is not yet a full-fledged Agent but is nonetheless given a case with the expectations that she will work alone.  Fearful that this is a set-up to fail her out of the program, Amber is intent on solving the case come hell or high water.  

The case is in the small town of Bulwark where two teenage girls have suffered a brutal attack.  To solve the case and find out who attacked the girls Amber will have to face her two biggest fears all the while not worrying about whether she will make it to Agent or not.  This is a fast-paced spooky thriller that takes the reader to the paranormal world in a not too dark way.  Bet you can’t put it down!

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