No Ants Please by Heather Hansen

This is a really cute book that will delight children ages 1-4.  Hansen, using her years of experience as an Early Childhood teacher, writes in easy to follow dialogue that will delight the children as well as educate.  Benny, a young ostrich, is curious about what other animals eat and spends a day wandering around asking others.  The illustrations are colorful and engaging.  There is plenty of room to expand the story by pointing out the way the land looks, asking about differences, asking about the various animals, discussing what foods you like and don’t like as well as how different animals eat different things just like people do.  There is also room for giggles as eating different things can cause your body to react in odd ways that are super silly for the very young and completely age-appropriate.  

This would be a great Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanza gift idea for any child under 5! 

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