Greenlights by Matthew McConaughey

This is an amazingly honest book written by a man who obviously has the self-confidence to not be too worried about what people think of him because he knows who he is.  Sure, there are a few things I was not thrilled to learn but you gotta give the man credit for being so forthright.  I read the book over the course of 24 hours.  It did not disappoint.

He is a man of values.  He is philosophical.  He loves his immediate and extended family.  His priorities are in the right order.  He is not perfect but he is working on it for he knows it is a process.  The notes to himself and the photos he includes are great.  The stories are real and relative.  He is smart, takes risks, follows his heart, and is not afraid to get hurt.  He has standards.  He has made what society calls ‘mistakes’, But because he learned from everything he has ever done, he calls them greenlights.  He proves that saying “I can’t” is not the way to live.

I love the size of the book – it’s different from most hardbacks.  I love the partial dust cover.  I love the green lettering in the book.  I truly believe that Matthew McConaughey has written a story about the modern Texas man that lives in Austin, a blend of conservative values and liberal politics, of Sunday go to meetin’ and communing with God in nature, a perfect gentleman and a barroom brawler, a lover of football and dancing under the stars in the moonlight, a man not afraid to get really dirty working or playing, but most of all a thinking man.

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