Not Dead by Anita Dickason

I loved this book!  Dickason did a great job with her characters.  Chad Bishop, the Police Chief, and his nemesis, Ashley Logan, the owner and investigative reporter of the local newspaper find themselves working together to solve the child abduction of four-year-old Mandy Norton.  Both are very strong, intelligent characters that find a way to work together despite being on what can be considered as polar opposite sides.  For Ashley, it is not just that she is at heart an investigative reporter, new to the town and wanting to prove her skills, but the fact that it is her niece that is missing.  Having that kind of investment means humbling yourself from time to time.

Mandy loves dolls.  She has many and takes their care very seriously.  One morning when her Mom goes outside to the fenced-in backyard to get Mandy to come inside she is nowhere to be found.  The police are called in and begin the search.  The woods behind the house are searched as soon as a full-scale search is made of the house.  Everything looks as it should except Mandy’s favorite doll is sitting at the backyard table having tea.  Mandy would never leave without her.  The investigation quickly becomes creepy, with connections leading to a criminal element that keeps the reader on the edge with the hope that Mandy is found quickly.  You will not be able to put this down!

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