The Square Root of Texas by Rob Witherspoon

This is an absolutely terrific book about the FBI, Homeland Security, Russia, the KKK, the DHS, and the NRA that takes place in Texas due to a SNAFU that could only be made in Texas!  Funny, quirky, and cultural with a profound political commentary this is a must-real laugh out loud book!  QED Morningwood, yep, that is his real name, is a true Texas character.  He invented tall tales, mostly about himself.  According to him, he has done pretty much everything anyone could ever do that was mildly stupid, dangerous, or pointless.   But as is so true to small Texas towns, even the pretend ones, folks in Texas love their eccentric neighbors, and all the retired men of Heelstring, Texas enjoy hearing QEDs tales of adventure over a cup of coffee and a dominos game.  

The male seniors of Heelstring also know to expect QED to end up in trouble, so it is no surprise when he shows up with a large wooden crate covered in Russian markings bragging about his “big” secret he has to hide that the men rise to the occasion and take the bait to find out his story.  Unfortunately, there is a mole in the group who contacts his contacts to advise that something big is going down in Hellstring and National Security will never be the same.

This is perfect, “I want to escape reality without any drugs” escape.  You will want to share lines out loud with whoever is nearby so during this pandemic make sure you read it wearing a mask, the temptation will be too great.  I know for me, I cannot wait to read Rob Witherspoon’s next novel!

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