A Corpse For Christmas by Benedict Brown

This is a quirky crazy holiday murder mystery!  Set in the Scottish Highlands in a Christmas theme village, complete with tons of real snow, individual chalets, elves and Christmas carols both outside and in, it’s the perfect location for a Christmas murder!  PI Izzy Palmer is hired to protect and discover who is trying to kill her client.  To do so she fakes being a nanny and goes with the family on their Christmas vacation.  Let me make it clear, Izzy is not a nanny, nor a mother, or baby sitter, or has ever had that much to do with children to begin with.  The good news is that she is a terrific detective and a huge fan of holidays.  No spoilers in this review, so suffice it to say that she fools the client’s family and the other families invited on the Holiday Trip of a Lifetime!

Once settled into their chalets, the guests join together in one chalet for dinner and the beginning of the holiday festivities.  Things soon turn sour as the hidden issues of the group, made up of some longtime friends, extended family members and one of royal blood, begin to come out.  The next morning the first murdered victim is found by no other than Izzy as she takes a hike in the snow.  Being a PI she knows how to handle a crime scene but is a little less sure of herself when she finds the local police can not make it for a couple of days due to the huge amounts of snow.  Knowing that the murderer is one of the people in the group, Izzy is quick to put everyone in one chalet and begin interviewing but she can not reveal her real identity yet.  Brown has written a witty read, full of degenerate  characters, yummy holiday meals, horrendous parenting and Machiavellian suspects.  Too much fun!

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