Operation Varsity Blues by Timothy Baldwin

The group of four teenagers, Marcus, Nate, Alissa, and Janice are all back for the third installment of Baldwin’s Young Adult mystery series.  This time Marcus’ Dad has requested their help.  As the new Assistant Principal, he has discovered what may be a college admissions scandal that could end a few jobs and leave parents and students in a mess.  Warning that the kids have to be careful, stay secretive, and legal, the four begin their investigation. 

Once again Baldwin does a marvelous job of portraying these kids in meaningful and real ways.  The struggles of High School with the need to fit in, raging hormones, first love, the competition in academics, sports, and finding a place where one fits in is insane.  The mystery plays to the current times with recent college admission scandals and brings into focus that real life can be dangerous if you play with the wrong people.  This is a great read for a Middle Schooler/High Schooler and out just in time to be a terrific holiday gift!

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