Christmas Shop Murder by Linnea West

Tessa Schmidt loves holidays.  She really loves Christmas and is super excited to be volunteering to help out with the family friend’s Christmas Shop this holiday season.  Unfortunately, the grand opening has to be delayed when a dead body is found inside the shop.  This puts a big damper on Tessa’s holiday spirit until her Mom asks for her help in solving the murder.

Of course, Tessa now feels all kinds of pressure to solve the murder fast so the store can open and the family friend does not fall on hard times due to lack of income.  Add to this the fact that Tessa, recently widowed has returned to her hometown to live with her parents and help run the family B&B, her Mom has fallen and is recovering from a broken bone, the city Christmas Yard Decorating contest is about to happen and the B&B needs to enter the contest, her brother gets arrested for the murder and she is dating the policeman who is investigating.  This all makes for a fun if chaotic holiday murder mystery.  Linnea West has written a fun, light-hearted read that is perfect for the holiday season.  Build a fire, get some eggnog or hot chocolate, and enjoy this quick read.

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