Christmas Alley Murder by Jenna St. James

Are you looking for a fun lightweight Christmas murder mystery?  This is the one.  Jaycee can not help but get involved in solving murders, mostly because she keeps finding the bodies.  When she discovers the town’s slimy journalist lying dead in the snow, she decides to take a look to see what she can figure out before calling the police and having them shoo her away.  From that point on you know she is not going to stop investigating until she knows who the killer is.  

Did I mention that her fiancee is a police detective?  This of course makes for some fun in the story but then Jaycee is not really hiding her snooping.  Jaycee helps run the Gone with the Whiskey bar her family owns, has lots of friends and a sister who is her partner in crime-solving.  The characters are often whimsical and fun, the murder victim clearly deserves it and the humor is sprinkled throughout the story.  Grab your hot chocolate and snuggle up with this fun holiday read!

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