Christmas Corpse by Mona Marple

I love Christmas.  I mean, I am a huge fan of the holiday and at my house we make it last as long as possible, so it was not a stretch for me to fall into this book with a grin on my face and a positive attitude about the premise.  Holly Wood, yep, that’s her real name, wrecks her car on the way home from a temporary job.  When she wakes up after the accident, a strange woman is next to her inquiring about her condition.  Holly finds her car is pretty much totaled and she needs a little medical care.  The strange woman promptly drives her to the nearest doctor and then takes her to her home to care for her.  Much to Holly’s surprise and a little bit of unbelief, she discovers that she has ended up in a Christmas village.  As Holly recovers, she gets to know the people and the village with it’s wonderful, happy, and kind people, she begins to wonder about going home.  She has mixed emotions when a woman is found murdered and she is asked to stay and help solve the crime.

This is a very fun, whimsical read.  It asks the reader to go with their imagination no-holes-barred but what a treat if you allow for it!  I would not mind wrecking my car to end up where Holly does! 

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