Merry Hanukkah by Debby Caruso

Oh my, goodness did this take me back to my early years of marriage when I worked so hard to provide the best home, holidays, and welcoming place for my husband and In-laws!  Caruso has done it again and written a laugh-out-loud holiday read.  Rhonda and James have only been married a short time but she is determined to make the best holiday season ever.  She even invites his entire family including the not-so-thrilled Mother-in-Law.  Things quickly become a comedy about “over-the-top” when the first night of Hanukkah falls on the day after Christmas.  Expecting to pull off both holidays in the perfect tradition of the respective families may be over the top!  

Caruso leaves you laughing and reminiscing about the efforts wives will go to to be hospitable and fit in with their new extended family.  You can never go wrong with a Caruso read!

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