Fiery Red Hair: Emerald Green Eyes and a Vicious Irish Temper By Ralph E. Jarrells

It is my personal opinion that you just cannot read enough pirate books.  Set in Charles Town South Carolina in the year 1755 this book is written as a narrative biography.  Anne Bonny, the first female pirate, is telling her granddaughter all about her adventures.  It is a fascinating story about a woman of great courage who definitely thought outside the box.  From growing up on a plantation, to running away from her father with a pirate, to becoming a highly respected pirate herself, her life demonstrates great bravery and strength for anyone, be it man or woman.  

The story is very well written.  The character development is excellent for there is no question about who is a good pirate, a bad pirate, and a con-man.  It is wonderful to read about a woman who decided what her own life would look like during a time when women were considered to be of less value than cows. 

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