The Devil and Dayna Dalton: A Bulwark Anthology: Book 9 By Brit Lunden

This is the second book in the Bulwark anthology I have read; yep, I read the first and the last!  I consider the writing to be top-notch and the stories fascinating.  Lunden likes to add a little paranormal to her stories about very ordinary people.  Adding a little bit of evil challenges the reader to go to unknown places in the midst of ordinary life. Bulwark, Georgia definitely has an atmosphere perfect for the paranormal, and the people that live there seem to accept it as perfectly normal.  Although this is a romance story as well, the reader can’t help but ask how much is love worth?  I suspect that there are several different answers to that question.  If you enjoy a little bit of the extreme, this is a great read.  I would call it a cozy paranormal read.

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