One For The Money by D. B. Borton

D. B. Horton has written a great story about a female senior citizen that has decided to have a career as a Private Investigator.  She is widowed, her children grown with their own children, she is financially okay given her skills at budgeting, and wants some excitement in her life. Cat Caliban also has the speech of a sailor,  a huge heart, and a great sense of right and wrong.  She is one of the best characters I have come across in a long time, the kind you wish you could actually know.  

Cat buys a small apartment complex in a not very reputable part of town, becomes a landlord to very unique good people, all of whom she respects and depends on to help her solve the crime.  

When Cat discovers a dead body in one of her empty apartments she decides that helping the police solve the murder would be great training for her new career.  Unfortunately, the dead body is a homeless woman with a rather notorious standing in the area.  Cat is extremely upset when it looks like the police might not be giving this investigation their best and declares she will solve the case on her own.  The desire for success is enhanced when Cat finds that the woman was a silent film star in Hollywood in her younger years.  



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