Ulrik by Wendy L Anderson

The newest read by Anderson is a story built on a unique combination of Fantasy, Romance, and Science Fiction.  As is typical for Anderson, it is beautifully written and vividly described, encouraging the reader to visualize the intriguing setting.  The story provides enough edge and sexual tension to keep the reader thoroughly engaged

In the book, the characters live in a different dimension than the earth we live in, some have arrived by time travel and some are natives to the area.  The primary character is Ulrik, an 11th century Viking. While sailing the seas with Leif Erickson, Ulrik’s ship goes down in a violent stormy swell.  Ulrik awakes to find that he is not dead but has been banished by the gods to live alone in a strange land.  The story is one of survival and discovery as Ulrik adjusts to the land and all the land has to offer.  

I cannot say enough about Anderson as an author.  Her work is simply delightful to read, full of intense risk and sexual energy.  Her characters are complete with flaws as well as extraordinary personalities, whether good or evil.  The setting is always described in a visually graphic manner making it quite easy to be a part of the story.  This is truly a great blend of Science Fiction, romance, and fantasy.

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