Poems in the Pandemic By Leslie A. Piggott

The Covid 19 Pandemic has been hard on all of us but there is no question that one of the great things to come out of it is the creativity it has inspired.  Some of it laments the difficulty of separation, confinement, and the pain of people dying, both those we know and don’t know.  Poems in the Pandemic is a beautiful book due, not only to the heartfelt prose, but the wonderful watercolor illustrations as well.  

Who could not relate to the lines: “People speak of a light at the end of the tunnel,  Sometimes it feels like I can’t even see the tunnel, Let alone whether or not it has a light.”

This book is also a great way for those of us that are not writers to find the words to express how we are feeling during these very different and difficult times.  I highly recommend it for all who have struggled with the pandemic.

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