The Witching Place: A Fatal Folio by Sophie Love

This is a fun book but I encourage you to not judge this book by its cover.  I suspect that the cover has more to do with the idea of this being a set up novel for a series than it does with what the book is actually about.  It certainly looks like a story about witches.  It is not.  It is a cozy mystery, it is a delightful read, I do want to read more but there is not a single witch in the book.

Alexis Blair has a passion for books.  She grew up around them helping out in the family used bookstore and has a career as an editor for a successful publishing company but when her division of the publishing company is shut down, she chooses to quit with a plan to eventually open up her store.  Finding a job in a bookstore in a small town that pays really well seems like an affirmation of her goals and Alex jumps on it.

The new town, the new apartment, the new job all take a little bit to get used to, but she begins to feel like she belongs.  Her goals are moving forward and she is still dealing with books all day.  When Alex goes to visit a client of the store, she is shocked to find her dead and even more shocked when the police accuse her of murder.  Knowing that she has to find the facts behind the death or let go of her goals, Alex rises to the occasion and sets out to prove herself innocent.

The “witchy” part comes into question because the books being sold in the back room of the store and the client’s purchasing are all very secretive and unique.  Alex lets her curiosity get the best of her when she opens a package left for client pick-up and begins to read the strange words out loud.  In the end, the reader is left wanting to find out more about the bookshop, the owner, and the kinds of books being sold. 

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