Simply Jesus by N. T. Wright

Let me start by saying that Wright has an agenda but it is rather refreshing because he makes no apologies for it and in all likely hood have hit the nail on the head.  This is a new and different exploration of Jesus’ life and teaching that relies heavily on history and the knowledge that has been gleaned in the last 50 years.

Wright offers us a very Jewish Jesus, which of course he was, and explains that the church has had it wrong and taught it wrong.  Jesus’ goal and as Wright puts it “his vocation” was to introduce and move forward the Kingdom of God on earth.  In addition, Jesus makes it clear that we are to participate in bringing about this kingdom.  

Although this is supposed to be written for the layperson, be prepared to read this book slowly in order to catch all the points Wright makes or plan to read it more than once.  It is breathtakingly refreshing to find a theologian that can think outside the box and focus on the issue all Christians need to be focused on:  bringing about the kingdom here and now.

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