Welcome to the Punkhorns by Benjamin Bradley

Brewster, Massachusetts is a small town nestled on the edge of the Punkhorns, a haunted forest of legendary status.  When three people go missing in the waters at the edge of the Punkhorns the Police and the Mayor find themselves overwhelmed.  In an effort to rapidly solve the case and meet the needs of those believing in the paranormal activity of the Punkhorns, an outside investigator who specializes in the paranormal is brought in.  Casper Kelly is eager to help out and can’t get to the Punkhorns fast enough.  Besides, he has got to pay bills and the paranormal business is slow right now.

Bradley works wonders as he presents a completely believable story with a hint of the paranormal and all things creepy.  His character development is spot on, leaving the reader to thoroughly enjoy both Casper and Delaney.  The setting is described so well that one cannot help but feel they are in the middle of an eerie forest where the branches reach out for you and seem to have fingers at their ending reaching to grasp you.

Simply put this is a great read and I can’t wait to see what Bradley does next!  Perfect for a weekend read, a rainy night, or on vacation near the woods!

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