(Just As Well) It’s Not About The Bike by Chris Atkin

I am not athletic.  I would probably never ride a bike across the town in which I live, much less across the bottom half of a country, however I totally enjoyed Atkins book.  He is totally correct: It is not about the bike.      It is about the journey, the variety of people, learning the language, seeing the country and learning about the historical information of each place he visits.  Sure, if you wanted to you could copy his trip and use the book as a travelogue but it is really much more than that.  

I did get a kick out of all the pastry and ice cream he ate, hope he never stops biking!  He obviously loves beaches as he bikes the outer edges of Spain and he has no issues being alone.  Where his writing shines is in the descriptions of the hosts and the Airbnb’s and the pieces of history he shares.  He obviously paid attention to what he was seeing as he is accurate in all of his historical data.  Being a big believer in following your dream I have to say that this book is a perfect example of what that looks like.  Enjoy!

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