The Woman In Darkness by Christopher Stanfield

Stanfield has done it again!  In this, his second novel we find Genevieve having found the way to accept her lot in life, leave behind everything she knew, change her name to Lilith and begin to fulfill her purpose.  Stanfield brings the same strengths to this novel that he did in the first; strong characters, amazing setting (ever wonder what hell looks like?), and a well researched knowledge of Biblical stories and Biblical legends.

The book is written in chapters divided between earth and hell.  Stanfield does a fascinating job of depicting hell and the various demons existing there as well as making it just scary enough but not going overboard on the fear factor.  Lilith is charged with ridding Hell of Lucifer.  How can one girl manage this huge task?  As you know, I refuse to reveal details but know this; Stanfield is a fine writer that draws you in and encourages you to struggle with the questions concerning forces of evil.  You will not forget this book.

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