Sentinels of the Night by Anita Dickason

If you are an avid reader you will have authors whose books you love and you set aside time to read every one of them.  One of those authors for me is Anita Dickason.  I am crazy about her books!  I have to confess that I am reading them in backward chronological order!  The stories are so good, so edgy, and attention-grabbing that the order doesn’t matter.  So in what is the first of the Tracker Novels the reader discovers the beginning of the Tracker Team as they meet for the first time and work to solve their first case.

Cat Morgan, FBI agent, has just wrapped up her last case in Texas and is on her way to join the newly formed FBI Tracker Team in Washington, DC.  Deciding to spend the night in Clinton Mississippi she checks into a hotel ready for a good night’s sleep.  Unfortunately for Cat, she discovers a dead body in the Hotel dumpster.  Immediately Cat knows that this is no ordinary killing from the carvings in the girl’s forehead.  She quickly calls the local police and her new boss to let them know what has happened.  Cat leaves after giving her statement and goes on to DC to meet her new boss and begin settling in but when a second body bearing the same carvings is discovered back in Clinton, Cat is quickly assigned to go back there with the rest of the Tracker Team and help in the search for the killer.

The reader is drawn into the story as Dickason weaves a tale of delusion, drug obsession, and the desire to please one’s master.  Her characters are terrific, with each one having unique skills they bring to the team.  The setting lends itself to being creepy and the drugs keep the story real.  This is an “I cannot put it down read”!

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