Darkness & Grace by Kathryn Scheich

This is an amazing read!  I sat down and literally did not move for 4 hours as I stayed glued to the pages trying to figure out who the killer was.  It is very well written and in a unique manner.  The story begins with the information that a woman has been killed but provides no clues as to the identity of the woman.  It then goes back to the beginning of the background story.  The story involves a close-knit family, one that is geographically close, emotionally close and all work together in a family-owned business.

Unfortunately, an outsider has joined the family and is tearing it apart.  The characters are fascinating because the reader is often left unsure who is a bad guy and who is not, much less being able to figure out who the killer is.  Schleich has woven a beautiful web of hidden secrets, relationship connections, and manipulation to the ninth degree.  The reader must actually decide what evil looks like and how to deal with it.  Add to the fact that it claims to be based on a real event makes this a book you will not be able to put down.

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