Orcus Fled: The Arnath Chronicles by Cassie Greutman

Meri is a college student.  She is fascinated with the idea of discovering something new and spends much of her days documenting her adventures just in case she does find something new.  Senara is a slave, bound to her Master, who controls her life and actions.  She has been trained for battle as a warrior.  When Senara accidentally discovers a portal to a strange new world she meets Meri and both their lives change.

This is a terrific story of friendship between two girls from different worlds that defy the odds.  Through the experience of getting to know each other, depending on each other, and struggling to survive, the bond between them grows to that of best friends in all aspects of the term.  The influence they have on each other provides each of them with what has been missing in their own lives.  

One of the things I like about Greutman’s writing is the setting she creates.  The descriptions are always so vivid that it is easy to picture them and see yourself in the setting.  The bewitching, foreboding world into which the girls travel comes to life on the pages.  The characters are both strong, empowering girls with independent streaks and a twinge of stubbornness.  

It is a magical, mysterious story of what friendship looks like.  A terrific read for any young adult.

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