So Much Fire and So Many Plans by Aaron S. Gallagher

I am going to start my review with this is a 5-star novel.  I am certain I will reread this book and I know I will be giving it as a gift to several people.  It is beautifully written, passionate in its emotional expression, and detailed to the point of causing amazing visualizations that submerge the reader in the story.  I find myself being reminded of the latest art tours that totally surround the viewer with one painting like the tour traveling the country with the Van Gogh show.

My heart soared and tears flowed from my eyes as I read this stunning story about a painter and his drive to create a masterpiece that would move others from their normally stagnate state into a world of intoxicating joy.  I refuse to ruin it by giving you spoilers.  Suffice it to say this book should end up on the New York Times Best Seller list.  It has adventure, art, architecture, private planes, sex, high finance, and passion you will never forget. 

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