Music Shall Untune the Sky by Lou Kemp

Beginning where The Violins Played before Junstan: The Prequel ends, we find Celywin, Bartholomew, and Professor Kang leaving Prague headed for Singapore to pick up Professor Kang’s wife, Elizabeth. Their adventure continues as they travel by private train (The Elizabeth), attempting to avoid all police and the Russians due to a small incident with some valuable Russian rubies.  All the main characters from the prequel are included making this second book loads of fun with its amazing characters.

The adventures certainly keep the pages turning with the daring feats of magic, vampires, witches, and characters that include the likes of Jules Verne and Captain Nemo. There is a good deal of witty banter between the characters that makes the book delightfully funny as well as tense with danger lurking at every turn.  Kemp does a fabulous job keeping the story set in the mid-1800s with all the right dress, stations of employment, caste systems, and cities they pass through on their way to Singapore.

Kemp also manages to create a world that combines paranormal, magic, history, and steampunk in such a way that the reader can easily find themselves in the story.  Kemp’s writing continues to be superb, proving that the Celwyn series will go on in all of its glory.  I know I am looking forward to the next book in the series!

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