A Shot At Mercy: His Life Wasn’t Perfect… By Timothy R. Baldwin

I am a big fan of Baldwin’s young adult novels so I was excited about a new read from him.  In this novel, A Shot At Mercy, I was surprised that this was not a Young Adult cozy mystery but a gripping story about a father and daughter caught up in the insidious world of addiction.  Baldwin has outdone himself portraying the characters with such a strong sense of reality that the reader feels pulled into the despair and struggles that both the main characters go through.  The reality of addiction is always awful and Baldwin tells it like it is.  Reading a book like this brings the reader to ask the question why would anyone ever get involved with substances that absolutely ruin your life? 

As a parent, this book touched my deepest fears.  As an educator, I strongly recommend it be read by all preteens.  The book delivers a strong warning.  It certainly urges kids to find an outlet or escape that helps them to process the heavy issues they are dealing with, anything but substance abuse.

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