Killing The Reapers by Jeff Debing

Killing the Reapers by [Jeff Debing]

What do you do when you discover that there really is such a thing as a grim reaper?  In particular, what do you do when this discovery is made because you were mistakenly taken before your time?  If you are Ross you decide to work with the reapers to set things right and get the reaper business back in order.  

Ross set up the perfect scene, a lovely picnic in the very park where he had met the love of his life.  She was going to appear any minute during her usual run and discover this romantic man waiting nervously but patiently for her to come over the hill and ask her to marry him.  Unfortunately in the blink of an eye, the entire setting is changed and Ross is lying on a stretcher with strange people looking at him.  What the heck happened?  Ross is informed that a mistake has been made and he died before his time but due to the scientific intelligence of the medical examiner, he has been reanimated.  

I really enjoyed this book!  Debing has developed a story about the grim reaper that will knock your socks off, not because it is scary, it is from a psychological standpoint, but rather from his sheer creativity in the idea of how the grim reaper works.  Ross is desperate to get back to the love of his life and will do anything to find a way back.  The reapers are really sorry for the mistake, this hardly ever happens and something must be seriously wrong for this to have even happened and they are going to investigate how in the world it happened.  Ross is not about to let others figure this out when his life literally hangs in the balance.  In the meantime, his reanimated body is starting to fall apart.  Will it hold together long enough for him to fix the situation?  I highly recommend this read! 

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