Blue Shadows Fall by Lenore Stutznegger

I am probably going to differ from many reviews but in my mind, this is an excellent “coming of age” story of a young woman struggling with who she is in terms of her family, the larger community, and her unique gifts.  Blue Haven was born after the end of times, not to mention different, so her parents kept her pretty sheltered.  All she wanted in life was to be a warrior protecting her family and her community. As the day on which she is to declare her future career approaches, Blue Haven begins to find out more and more about the secrets of her community and discovers that everything she thought was true is not.  How does she quickly adapt to the changes and what do they mean for her?

Stutznegger has written a suspenseful thriller for the young adult that is a real page-turner, keeping the reader on the edge of their seat, guessing what will come next and how Blue can not only survive, but find her destiny.  The setting is of course apocalyptic but in a unique way, the characters are well developed.  Blue is a strong, possibly overly confident 17 year old with mad skills and courage who you can’t help but identify with, especially if you were ever her age!  This is a very well-done, fascinating novel for anyone interested in a zombie apocalypse or becoming an adult! 

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