Barefoot In The Parking Lot by Vineet Verma

This is one tangled, twisted web of deceit and murder!  Verma has written a terrific on the edge of your seat read that you will not be able to put down.  The book is set in the high-tech world with self-driving cars in Silicon Valley, AI companies that trade workers, secrets, and lovers.  When Jay, the latest CEO star of one of these companies, is found dead in the parking lot of his favorite restaurant, the search to find his killers begins with a long list of suspects.

Was it the wife who knew about all the affairs?  Was it the ex-partner who had lost a lawsuit against Jay?  Was it one of the many women that Jay had slept with and left?  The list goes on and on leaving detectives Anglea and Paul interviewing many people, following various suspects, weeding through loads of emails, and with more murders as the killer begins to get desperate.

Verma writes with precision, making the story flow even with all the many characters.  The reader can only guess who the killer is and is kept in suspense with all the different possibilities.  The characters are very well done with bits and pieces being revealed about them throughout the book so that you know them but can still be surprised by their actions, just like in real life.  It is interesting that none of the characters seem to be focused on money, the usual issue in a murder, but rather on fame and love.  This is a worthwhile read!

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