Murder in her Stocking: A Granny Reid Mystery by G. A. McKevett

I really enjoyed this book!  It’s the perfect cozy mystery for the holiday season!  Stella Reid has seven grandchildren that are more precious than gold to her.  Unfortunately, the children’s Mama is a drunk who has no business having one, much less seven children.  Stella does the best she can to take care of her grandkids and avoid their angry mother.  Stella’s husband died a few years ago and the pain is still with her

Stella lives in the small town of McGill, Georgia.  The town gathered together and purchased a wonderful life-size nativity for the city park.  Stella is excited about the “lighting of the park” and the first viewing of the nativity, especially about bringing her grandkids to see the event.  The whole town turns out and excitement is in the air until the lights come on and everyone notices that every figure in the nativity has a long curly mustache; including baby Jesus.  Stella determines to figure out who the culprit is and bring them to justice.  

While working on solving the crime and bringing about restitution for the destruction, Stella witnesses a murder.  It is a sad ending for the town hussy, Prissy, who had a constant string of men coming in and out of her door, to lie strangled at the bottom of her stairs in the dark alley where she lives.  Shocked by this dastardly deed Stella sets out to solve an even bigger mystery.

This is the first Granny Reid mystery I have read but I can promise I will read more!  McKevett writes like Fanny Flagg, with a realism of the South and the wholehearted people that live there.  Everyone needs a Granny Reid in their life to provide unconditional love, encouragement, and support that is a bit feisty and loads of fun!

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