Mouse Trax by M. H. Dixon

I was thrilled with this book!  A terrific book for ages 4 and up, one that multiple generations would enjoy together.  Dixon has written the perfect read-out-loud book.  I strongly encourage you to pull up a throw, snuggle with those you love, and share this wild fun story.  

Mouse is lost and wants to go home but Mouse does not know his address.  He searches and searches and tries to find someone that can help him as he travels about.  Along the journey, and for Mouse it is certainly a journey, he meets all kinds.  Sometimes they want to be helpful and wise, and other times they simply want to eat him.  He is after all a mouse and thus food for a variety of animals and characters.  

This book is full of suspense and adventure, with some major twists and turns.  Those reading/listening will be spellbound and excited for more. There is a great deal of humor and a few scary moments that reflect the reality of life for us all.  One of the best aspects of the story is that you will continue to think and ponder the story for quite a while, something I consider a sign of a really good book.  

I do not usually do this but I think it best if I just come out and tell you that I am not at all crazy about the cover but do not let it be your judge of the story!  This book is proof that under a not-so-great book cover can lie an amazing story!

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