1 Corinthians: Searching the Depths of God by Jaime Clark-Soles

Clark-Soles has written a thought-provoking, well-researched commentary on Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians.  The commentary deals straight on with many of the complicated subjects Paul brings up, the difficult topics that readers of the Bible struggle with and debate.  

There are several aspects of her writing that makes this the best commentary on the subject that I have ever read.  Clark-Soles is completely genuine.  She writes what she believes and has reached her belief from years of study and research.  Clark-Soles does not shy away from hard points but takes a clear stand on what the scripture meant when it was written and what it would look like if people today lived what they claim to believe.  

This book will hit you where you are, convict you of resting comfortably as a Christian without action and force you to think about the powerful messages Paul has written down.  This book is easy to read and not written for the professional theologian.  Excellent study!

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