Backstories: Intimate Stories About People You Think You Know by Simon Van Der Velde

I loved this book!  I enjoyed every bit of it and was so disappointed when it ended.  It would be fabulous if more volumes were written.  How fun is it to read about a famous person having no idea who you are reading about and try to guess who it is?  It is like mystery, trivia, and silliness all rolled into one great experience.  

I absolutely refuse to ruin this lovely read so I will not reveal who any of the famous people are in the book.  I will say that this is very cleverly written, well researched, and a book that is easy to share and talk about with others.  The synopsis begins with a question: “Can you find the famous person hidden in every story? And once found, can you understand them?”  What follows are short stories about famous people that never mention their names, but no worries, all is revealed in the end.  Truly amazing work and such fun.

If you are looking for a great read that will blow your mind do not miss this one!

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