Trouble Afoot by Benjamin Bradley

I was so excited when I found out that Bradley had a new book out because I really enjoyed his first novel.  The great news is that his second novel is even better.  Trouble Afoot is set in North Carolina State Park, Umstead.  It is a perfect place for a Bigfoot experience.  Wait, don’t stop reading yet because my favorite paranormal investigator, Casper Kelly is back and on the job!

We find that Casper and his girlfriend and police officer, Delaney Shephard, are on vacation to visit family.  The first stop is Delaney’s cousin Zoe, a Park Ranger at Umstead Park.  Zoe is engaged to a goofy guy by the name of Gil who also happens to be a Bigfoot specialist.  Gil even has a podcast series about Bigfoot.  Unfortunately during their visit, Zoe finds a hiker on the trail beaten within an inch of his life.  What makes this even worse is that in the past month there have been several sightings of a huge ape-type creature walking upright through the woods.

Obviously, there could not be better timing for Casper and Delaney to be visiting and Zoe takes full advantage of both of their skill sets.  Bradley does not write fluff.  The story is suspenseful, with each new sighting adding to the tension in the air.  Could this really be Bigfoot or is someone playing a terrible joke on the Park Rangers and visitors?  

Trouble Afoot is an edgy monster story that will keep you reading on the edge of your seat while at the same time enjoying the quirky characters.  There is just something fun about a monster story that is well written and can still cause apprehension.  Check it out!

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