Set Up: Secrets and Lies in Zihuatanejo by Ana Manwaring

Manwaring has written a fascinating book about a female private investigator; JadeAnne, who is hired to find a missing wife.  Yes, it does sound pretty standard, but wait a minute.  What if this investigator decided to drive a VW camper and bring her dog along for the ride all the way down to interior Mexico?  And what if her drive took her through cartel country where she is kidnapped?  She wakes to find that she is in the estate of one of the biggest growers of marijuana in the country. 

I am excited to say that Manwaring not only makes the story completely plausible but keeps you on the edge of your seat hoping that JadeAnne makes it out of there alive.  It truly is a fascinating read with characters that make you laugh out loud, scare the you-know-what out of you, or beguile you.  Mexico is beautiful with the tropical climate, beautiful fields of flowers, gifted musicians’ exotic drinks, and romantic beaches.   How can so much be in one story!

Oh, I forgot the dog, Pepper.  Absolutely love the dog!  If you saw John Wick 3 with Halle Berry and her dogs you will understand and if you missed it just think about the best dog in the world and you will understand the value of traveling with Pepper. Aside from Pepper, the reader will be mesmerized by the twists, turns, and surprises around every corner.  How can JadeAnne know who to trust?  How will she get out alive?  A great fun adventure awaits!

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