Matrimony Mayhem and Murder by C.S. McDonald

Can you imagine?! Your wedding is supposed to happen this coming weekend.  Everything is set and ready but you have not met your soon-to-be Mother-n-law.  As a matter of fact, you know very little about the woman except that she is never available.  What does she do for a living that takes her around the world?  Should you be nervous about meeting her or does it not matter when she is never around?  I would be so nervous and given how much her son adores her I suspect you would be too.  

But she does show up and is really enthusiastic about the wedding, but what the heck is that huge diamond necklace she is wearing?  Who are those two men that keep following her around and are they speaking Russian?  

McDonald has written a very delightful mystery of murder and mayhem.  It is fast-paced, considering the events take place within one week and include a trip to London.  It is edgy because who is the killer and why do the clues not connect?  The characters are simply terrific, my favorite being the two Russian spies who end up saving the day twice.  Fiona, the main character is awesome as a cute, sweet kindergarten teacher who, because of the skills needed to work 7 hours a day with twenty-five – 5-year-olds, can match wits with anyone and remain calm.  This is just a fun, cozy read that will make you laugh out loud and not be able to put the book down.  Enjoy the read!

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