Postcards From Beyond Reality by Bernard Jan

I love new and different ways of writing so I was totally intrigued with Jan’s newest book of poetry.  I really liked his last book Cruel Summer and his main character Michael Daniels.  How cool is it that Jan has written this book as his character, Michael Daniels?  Talk about putting yourself in someone else’s shoes!  Jan does a beautiful job of delving into the emotional state of the NYC teen whose Mother died and whose Father was beyond worthless.  

Jan releases the inner darkness, loneliness, and fear that comes from the depth of abuse by a parent and the desire to be loved and accepted.  He includes in the poems a teenage love of the adventure and thrill found in extreme sports.   Poems include “Knife”, with verses that make the little hairs on your neck stand up, and “Death Can Dance” which reach into your soul seemingly taking the very words out of your heart. Jan has done a great job of merging himself with Michae Daniels.  I encourage the reading of this book for all, but what a perfect gift for the teenage male that is searching for a place in the world!

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